Omoro Rahim

Richton Park, IL


Omoro Rahim was born and raised in Chicago Illinois. He was an only child raised by a single mother. He began to show a strong interest in drawing at the age of 5 years old. Omoro Rahim has been enrolled in art classes throughout the years, and has enhanced his skills through over 20 years of tattoo experience.

Omoro Rahim’s ultimate goal is to become a house-hold name for his pencil drawings. He creates the very best pencil drawings that enhance the lives of people who view his works of art. Omoro Rahim believes that great artwork is priceless, has extreme power, and limitless possibilities. He is currently working on a series of pencil drawings that will represent the best of Planet Earth and The Universe.

His drawings are made in a fool-the-eye type of style. Omoro Rahim strives to make his drawings look so realistic that at first glance, the viewer will think they’re looking at a photograph, but actually are viewing a highly detailed pencil drawing. Most of his pencil drawings take about 4 to 8 months to complete.

His main tools of choice are: 18x24in. Strathmore Drawing Paper, Tombow pencils (H, 4H, 2H, 2B), and Faber-Castell COLOUR PENCILS >> POLYCHROMOS<<



I Love Chicago volume 2 by Omoro Rahim


I Love Chicago Vol. 3 by Omoro Rahim


CTA bus on Michigan Avenue by Omoro Rahim


Chicago CTA Train by Omoro Rahim


Chicago Theater by Omoro Rahim


Buckingham fountain drawing by Omoro Rahim


The Beach Chicago Drawing by Omoro Rahim


I Love Chicago Volume 1 by Omoro Rahim


Praying hands by Omoro Rahim


Masterpiece America by Omoro Rahim


Knowledge is Key by Omoro Rahim


Barack Obama- Time For Change by Omoro Rahim


The Law of Attraction by Omoro Rahim


Puppies by Omoro Rahim


Chicago Cubs, Ernie Banks, Wrigley Field by Omoro Rahim


Pigeon race by Omoro Rahim


Horses by Omoro Rahim